Save $10,000 or more on your IT costs!

My name is Wes Barber and I am the owner of Barber Consulting Services, LLC, a new member of the Chamber of Commerce.  BCS is an IT consulting company based out of Mays Landing, our company provides IT services for small to medium size businesses and local government.  We have been in business since 2008 and have a very loyal client base.

In these unprecedented times businesses are struggling to stay open and they need help reducing cost and still be able operate at a high level.

As a new member, Barber Consulting Services, LLC would like to offer a FREE complete network review (a $300 to $800 value depending on the size of the network) to all members.  During the FREE review we would identify possible bottlenecks, any visible risks to security, do a complete evaluation and inventory of the network, and be able to offer options for remediation and provide a plan for maintenance and security which will keep the network operating properly.

Every network evaluation will also get access to our Cyber Security Training Video (a $500 value) absolutely FREE.  This video will teach your employees how to safely navigate the internet and check email, so they are not tricked by the many phishing campaigns and other threats out there today.

Go to our website and signup for the FREE network evaluation today!

If you are paying $50,000 or more for a full time IT person, we can save you a minimum of $10,000 per year on your IT cost while maintaining a very efficient and reliable network. 

If you do not have a full time IT person we can provide you with Premium IT service at a discounted price.

Stay safe,

Wes Barber

Barber Consulting Services, LLC

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